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We are actively seeking to call a Minister of Word and Sacraments

The Presbytery of Halifax and Lunenburg has appointed the Rev. Dr. Laurence Mawhinney as Interim Moderator of Kings New Minas. He will oversee the work of the congregation, meet with the Session, work with the Search Committee and guide us through the search process. He will arrange for pulpit supply on a regular basis. He will respond to questions and concerns you may have, and will ensure that Pastoral Care is available. (902) 634-9212

Music Director - Paul Hutten has been involved in church music either professionally or as a volunteer for over 25 years. He holds degrees in piano, organ and music education and a Masters in English. Paul has been teaching instrumental music in the public school system for the past fifteen years. He loves playing and singing at Kings church and the wide range of styles used in worship services



Mike vandenHof - Ordained 1989 (Kentville) - Inducted at Kings 2011. King’s church is a church that welcomes all to God’s table. I enjoy the fellowship and support of Session members, plus the whole church community.  When asked to be an elder, it was an opportunity for me to share the gifts God has given me with the community.

Christine Faour - Ordained at Kings in 2015 - From my first visit at King’s I felt welcomed, and in time, healed and finally, home. Being an elder here is an opportunity to help others to be healed and to be able to call this place ‘home’ as well. I look forward to helping wherever God directs me to share my gifts and talents.

Geneve Newcombe - Ordained at Kings in 2015 - From the moment I entered Kings Church, almost 20 years ago I felt welcomed and at home. As part of the King’s family I look forward to welcoming new members and being involved in the life and activities of our Church.

Mary Montgomery - Ordained June 12, 2011 (Kings). For me the call to be an Elder at Kings is the call to give my best to Christ – to live out the Good News I believe with everyone in our church community, and in this way continue to learn and grow together in faith. It’s a way to express the joy and peace of being loved by God, and I thank God for this blessing every day.

Ross Morrow - Ordained Kings 2013 - I have found my spiritual home at Kings Presbyterian Church. As an an elder I look forward to the opportunity to serve God and His people.

Krista Trider - Ordained Kings 2013 - I enjoy being part of the loving church community at Kings, and feel inspired by others' lives dedicated to loving God and "neigbor". I also appreciate the opportunities to share ideas and grow together in faith.

Sherri Champion - Ordained at Kings Church in 2015. From the first Sunday I attended Kings Church I have felt the Holy Spirit in every service, and I am truly blessed by the welcome I receive each week. For me, becoming an elder at Kings Church has been a huge act of faith; trusting that God will give me the skills and wisdom to do his will. It is a privilege to be able to walk the road towards healing and home with God's people at Kings.